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Timea Konkoly

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Hello, my name is Timea.
I organise PSYCH-K® workshops and spread the words about PSYCH-K® in Hungary....in Hungarian and in English. 🙂 .

Since 2017 I completed the PSYCH-K® Basic, Advance and Pro, Health and Wellbeing and Divine Integration Retreat workshops after a series of "coincidences" (which we know don't exist 🙂 ), that made me aware of the method.
The cherry on the cake was, Dr Bruce Lipton saying in one of his videos, that we don't live our own lives, we live someone else's.
That had hit me on the head like nothing before and made me sit and watch Bruce's video in which he speaks of PSYCH-K® with great admiration....over and over and over again.
In a matter of weeks I found myself sitting in a PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop in London and since I am able to change my own subconscious programming and my life to my liking.....and my inner and outer world reflects this beautifully. I started to live my own life and experience the possibilities beyond imagination.
Prior to that I've already been in love with the concept, the function and the limitless magic of the subconscious mind but PSYCH-K® has just multiplied it.

After experiencing my own transformation from first hand, I knew I have to share this with others.
I can not keep this to myself.
This is how I started facilitating others' life changes as well.....and I love it. Holding space for others, while they create the changes they want to achieve and watching them realise their own power is priceless. Seeing them transforming their thinking, their beliefs and lives in ways they thought was impossible and now they finally live it.

My speciality - if I may say that - is helping people to become someone else......the version of themselves that is able and capable of living the life they dream of.
As Einstein once said, a problem can not be solved from the same mindset that created it......it's the same with ourselves too, we can not live a "dream life" from the same place we dream about it.
We have to grow into our own, new selves to be able to live our "dream life"..... and this is what I do too.
I live the life I once dreamed of and keep dreaming newer and newer adventures and just keep growing and growing into better and better versions of myself. Life if fun. Life is limitless. This is what PSYCH-K® is capable of showing to us.

I facilitate PSYCH-K® processes online (video call), on the phone and in person, in English and in Hungarian.

You can find me on the below contacts.

I'm wishing you a content, happy life....and a content, happy subconscious mind 🙂

Big hugs, Timi









Budapest, Hungary and anywhere else in the World


English, Hungarian

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Online, In-person, Phone

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Advanced Workshop, Health and Wellbeing Program, PSYCH-K® Pro

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