Teresa Geoghegan Brown

Teresa Geoghegan Brown

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Greetings and Welcome!

Thank you for investing in your wholeness by exploring PSYCH-K® and wandering onto my bio page.

I believe that an essential part of the wholeness journey happens when we look into ourselves, openly and with curiosity. Here we begin to see the universe of our choice and how that choice threads together aspects of our lives we didn't even recognize as connected. We begin to also see that as we look into ourselves the way we perceive others also shifts.

Embodying the saying- Be the change you want to see.

When we can see change easier then we can create lasting change, this is one of the ways that PSYCH-K® shines.

In this light, I am here with 23 years of holding sacred space. The threads of my professional tapestry include massage therapy with a variety of body/mind/spirit modalities for all ages and all stages of life, massage therapy educator, energy intuitive, and shamanic journey guide.

It is the simplicity, accessibility and effectiveness that excites me about PSYCH-K®.

Personally, my first session of PSYCH-K® opened up doors of deep harmony and union that I had been struggling to open for 10 years. Previous to the session, I had just accepted as fact that they would remain two different worlds in my life. The changes from that session several years ago have been lasting and inspiring. This process gives me tools for my personal medicine bag to continue living from a place of choice, curiosity and openness.

Professionally, I appreciate the spirit which the work is held. It is an energy that is both familiar and natural. It is one of partnership and honoring the intelligence and wisdom that is readily available to us all.

I work with those ready to create change in their lives and open the doors to wholeness, whatever that looks like. I work with all ages and all stages of life.

I am happy to connect with you via phone, email or video call to talk about how PSYCH-K® can support you in your wholeness.

Warm regards from my heart to yours.






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Online, Phone

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Master Facilitation Workshop