Steve Roehr

Steve Roehr

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Steve Roehr is a Preferred PSYCH-K® facilitator and Transformation Catalyst dedicated to supporting others through their journey of self-awareness and transformation.

Understanding how day-to-day activities and decision-making are influenced by deep-rooted subconscious beliefs and patterns of behavior established in the formative years, Steve is dedicated to helping others transform anxieties, fears, limiting beliefs and self-doubts to better align with personal and professional aspirations, desires, and goals.

Steve has completed all of the requisite PSYCH-K® certified instructor led core program training including the PSYCH-K® Health and Wellbeing, Master Facilitation Workshop, Advanced Integration Workshop, and the Basic Workshop.

He is registered on the PSYCH-K® Centre International Website as a PSYCH-K® Preferred Facilitator and provides one-on-one sessions in person, online or by phone with the same effectiveness.

Steve works with all types of client "partners" experiencing a wide variety of situations and conditions including young adults dedicated to achieving enthusiastic Sobriety.

In addition, Steve manages the (.com) online community and YouTube channel providing short segments, focused topics, and in-depth interviews with a variety of coaches, practitioners, and spiritual healers aligned with an overall commitment to personal accountability, self-awareness, self-improvement and transformational growth.

The channel also provides encouraging and often emotional testimonials from individuals that have survived deep-personal conflict or trauma only to emerge with better self-awareness, sense of purpose and support for others.

Steve resides in Cottleville, Missouri. He is the father to three amazing young adult men and enjoys reading, traveling, discovering new wonders and making friends along the way!

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St. Louis



Session types:

In-person, Online, Phone

Training program:

Master Facilitation Workshop, Health and Wellbeing Program