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Tanya Sperling

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Since my childhood it has been my deepest desire to bring more love and light onto this planet, and after 35 years of searching and learning, I have finally found the best way to bring my calling into action by facilitating PSYCH-K® balances to help those who are looking to change themselves to achieve this goal.

I started my life in Germany with a career in the airline industry and a BA in economics as well as studies at a priest seminary. I moved to the UK in 2003, and after a career in the hospitality industry I became a life coach and then a hypnotherapist. All my learning was tested when my partner and I were both diagnosed with cancer within the space of a year in 2018/19. I combined medical treatments with holistic treatments and had amazing results, and both my partner and I are very healthy these days.

When I saw an advertisement for a PSYCH-K® workshop in 2023, I immediately recognised it as what it was: a phenomenal tool to quickly transform the perception of stress and to quickly implement new and self-affirming beliefs. I particularly embrace the possibility to support one's health by implementing life-affirming beliefs. The results that I have seen through PSYCH-K® are mind-blowing. Sometimes they come quickly and sometimes the action steps bring them about, but they never fail to show, and that is what I love about PSYCH-K®.

I am passionate about facilitating PSYCH-K® sessions, because they are so powerful and life-changing. My experience as a life coach and hypnotherapist allows me to listen deeply and focus on the topic that is brought to the session. I am still fascinated that PSYCH-K® offers the option to look for messages that a topic or condition may hold.

I have completed the PSYCH-K® Advanced Integration and Master Facilitation Workshops as well as the Health and Wellbeing Program.

I facilitate sessions online and in person in English and in German.






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English, German

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In-person, Online

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Advanced Workshop, Master Facilitation Workshop, Health and Wellbeing Program

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