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Sonia Vockell

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Hi, my name is Sonia, and I have personally witnessed the magic of PSYCH-K® in my life. I was first introduced to PSYCH-K® from a recommendation of my physician, who had experienced major life changes and release of trauma after several PSYCH-K® Balances. During my first PSYCH-K® Basic Training I felt immediately different. It was during that weekend that I realized what an important tool I had been given to make the brain work efficiently, and started using it on my clients the next day. Since then I have been privileged in helping hundreds of clients also change their lives. PSYCH-K® Balances area simple yet an effective way of healing body, mind, and Spirit. PSYCH-K®, in a short period of time, releases painful memories and emotions allowing a state of peace to flow.
Training over the years has included PSYCH-K® Basic, Advance, PSYCH-K® Pro and the Divine Intervention Retreat. Additionally, my practiced has included Thought Field Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Access Consciousness, Reiki, and Akashic Evolution.
As a health care professional for over 20 years, PSYCH-K® has been invaluable in changing the brain and in the process re-programing it to accept healthier thoughts.
If you have additional questions, please call me. In addition to in-person appointments, virtual sessions with Zoom or Skype are an option.




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In-person, Phone, Online

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Master Facilitation Workshop, PSYCH-K® Pro