Biographical Information

Stef is a Psych-K Facilitator, Modern Day Energy worker, Meditation Teacher (and a remedial massage therapist for 15 years)

I specialise in two areas:

I help people with long-term physical pain, release the underlying reasons for it being there so they rediscover what it means to enjoy getting up refreshed every morning.

I work with business people who are near to 'hitting the wall' and are looking for a more balanced way of doing things, and help remove barriers to new success - so they can make money AND feel a deeper sense of purpose.

Stef is so passionate about using Psych-K as a tool to help people like you to shift unwanted pain and restriction.
Get on with living life fully and excel in whatever you do by supercharging their confidence, personal power and focus.

A little from Stef:

I'm based in Mount Maunganui, NZ and uses the benefit of Zoom for International clients

Early in my career, I realised the human body is not just muscle and bone: It has many layers, all with potential to hold (or release) emotional or situational information/beliefs/traumatic moments.

Wishing to change things for my clients on a deeper level, I trained to become a Reiki Master, and integrated that level on transformation into my bodywork - but there was something missing ...
I asked, "What about the people who look for transformation without the bodywork.. who helps them?"

I added to my toolkit with Psych-K, to help extraordinary people all over the globe, who want profound change through extraordinary (and streamlined) means.

STEF specialises in...
- Freedom from Chronic, on-going body pains
- Immaculate Health & Wellbeing
- Powerful Manifesting of Goals
- Releasing Stress & Anxiety
- Happiness & Self-Worth

PSYCH-K workshops attended:
- PSYCH-K Basic
- PSYCH-K Advanced
- PSYCH-K Master Facilitator

If I resonate with you - and you're looking for big change by a warm and gentle approach - I am the girl for you!

Get in touch: I'd love to hear from you.





New Zealand






Session types:

In-person, Online

Training program:

Master Facilitation Workshop

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