Sarah Neirinckx

Sarah Neirinckx

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I use PSYCH-K® to help people around self-confidence, anxiety, trauma, health issues, relationships.
Since I've lost a pregnancy, I focus entirely on guiding parents and children to process stress and trauma around pregnancy, birth, parenthood, healing inner child.
I have a bachelor degree in orthopedagogy (remedial education) and PSYCH-K® is helping me since 2013 to make changes on a higher level.

Are you having a hard time to cope with your miscarriage?
Do you have an unfulfilled baby wish?
Are you looking for support after your childbirth experience?
Does your baby cry a lot?
Is your child having trouble sleeping?
Do you feel completely exhausted?
Tantrums, sadness, nightmares, problems at school?
Do you doubt you are doing the right thing to support your child through its emotions?
Do you doubt whether you are doing well enough as a parent?

You can create peace by changing your subconscious.
You can process and release tensions, unprocessed emotions.
Your limiting beliefs are addressed at the subconscious level so you can experience parenthood with more confidence.

Children often show "difficult behaviour" as a projection of difficulties from mum or dad.
I owe a lot to PSYCH-K® as I used to struggle a lot through motherhood. Thanks to PSYCH-K®, the bond with myself and the relationship with my children has blossomed.
We shouldn't keep carrying the damage of trauma. We can learn from it.
For me, it is a wealth that I want to keep sharing with other parents.










Dutch, French

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In-person, Online, Phone

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Advanced Workshop, Master Facilitation Workshop, Health and Wellbeing Program

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