Sarah Zelig

Sarah Zelig

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Sarah is motivated by helping you achieve your goals, and following the discovery of Psych-K®, her transition from corporate and IT work was obvious. She realised that her passion was to offer people the freedom to produce their best work by specialising in complex IT system and workplace development. While there were certainly some projects that she was particularly proud of, Sarah noticed that the biggest positive impact on workplaces and teams was good management and leadership. Teams that have minimal fear and allow people to be themselves -- their best selves – produce healthy work environments and strong results. By natural extension, those qualities that help at work can open you up to a better life.

With ease, Sarah’s Psych-K® sessions help you to free yourself from what holds you back and to perform at your best. The majority of Sarah’s Psych-K® clients have needed just one session!

Having completed the full range of training in Psych-K®, Sarah has the full “tool kit” of processes to help you transform what holds you back, such as stress, fear, trauma, bad habits, allergies, anxieties, chronic health conditions, difficulty with relationships, grief, into feeling calm, clear-headed and healthily connected with others. Sarah has worked with PSYCH-K® to move beyond her own limits, and to see others move beyond theirs. She is most appreciative when facilitating the process for others, and to help you through the process to unlock your subconscious and your life.











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In-person, Online, Phone

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Advanced Workshop, Master Facilitation Workshop, Health and Wellbeing Program

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