Paula Elmore

Paula Elmore

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Sooner or later, it seems, we all experience trauma, pain or loss. Several years ago, I was faced with a life changing experience that affected my whole being and my entire world. I listened to the messages that pain was trying to teach me and it led me right to Psych-K!

We are partners working together to transform your life. When you eliminate the blocks holding you back, real change can happen quickly and easily. We cut through the programming and social conditioning we have lived our entire lives with. It's interesting to see what happens next!

Specializing in:

Personal Empowerment
Performance Mentality (I coach athletes and performers to transform their mental & physical limitations to create more success)
Strengthening Immune System
Love, Health & Happiness

You found me because you're ready to create the life you want, and you're ready for assistance. Give yourself the gift of believing you can change your life. I am excited to help you connect with your true inner self so that you can let the REAL YOU SHINE THROUGH!!



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Session types:

Online, Phone

Training program:

Advanced Workshop, Master Facilitation Workshop

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