Penny Burtenshaw

Penny Burtenshaw

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Penny has always felt that her path is to lovingly support people through life challenges. She studied psychology for eight years (graduated in 2020), volunteered for 2.5 years in telehealth support for those struggling with suicide ideation and emotional difficulties, and is the founder of Positive Life Guidance, which provides life guidance counselling and support. For her, becoming a PSYCH-K® facilitator has been a beautiful evolution - the missing piece.

Penny is a dedicated advocate for personal empowerment, and developed a sense of understanding through knowledge acquisition and application to her own life and offering guidance to others'.

It is one thing to understand why we behave or feel the way we do, but to transform limiting beliefs or unhelpful patterned behaviour, PSYCH-K® has been instrumental. Imagine your perception and way of seeing the world shifting because you are no longer tied to your 'blueprint' or memories of the past? This has been Penny's experience and she is so excited to facilitate such an elegant and impactful modality with you.

Penny holds a safe space for you from anywhere in the world via phone and online and in-person in Perth, Western Australia - you can either book on her website, via email, or phone.



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Session types:

Online, Phone, In-person

Training program:

PSYCH-K® Online - Level 2