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Narda Mohammed

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I help beautiful people like yourself connect to their well-being, heart and true divine life purpose.

As a Life Coach, Hypnotist and Intuitive actively serving in the holistic field since 2010 I noticed how many people were unaware of the meaning, life calling and purpose of their lives. Working on the soul level in my hypnosis practice many clients would ask “do I have a life purpose?” “Am I living my life purpose?”. Many were clueless as I once were about their own journeys. It have been such a fulfilling and exciting experience to see people emerge, expand and evolve after coming into greater realizations of themselves. My client range from homemakers to corporate leaders.

It’s my utmost joy to help my fellow humans peel back and dissolve aspects of their pain, traumas, challenges, false and limiting beliefs to get to their true shiny selves. I shake my head in utmost gratitude for the privilege, honor and joy of the ability and allowance to work with clients.

We are all on this life journey together. No one is exempt from life experiences that is meant from a higher perspective to grow us. Unfortunately, throughout our lives we were unaware of the opportunities within these life experiences and due to false/limiting beliefs, perceptions and assumptions etc. we mostly took on low vibrational and defeating meanings to those very experiences. The good news is we can reframe it!!!! How incredibly amazing is that?!!! There are ways around and through it!!! Woohooo!! 🙂

If after reading this you feel you’re ready to get started with me, shoot me an email. It will be a pleasure to connect with you and begin this work with you.

I facilitate in person sessions periodically in:
Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago

Honolulu, Oahu
New York, USA

Online throughout the world.





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New York & Anywhere online



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Online, In-person

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Master Facilitation Workshop

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