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I have made it my life’s mission to discover exactly what true health is. In this quest, I have discovered the undeniable relationship between mind, body, and spirit. Early in my career as an Acupuncturist, I starting seeing that there was a definite connection between the person’s ability to heal and the mindset or emotions that were unexpressed or unconsciously being held in the body. Psych-K® fit right into my life and healing modalities perfectly! I do not facilitate anything with others that I haven’t used extensively for myself in my own healing journey. I love facilitating Psych-k®! It is my sincerest intention to create a nurturing safe space for you to explore what comes up and to be your guide should you feel stuck.
I have earned a Master’s Degree of Oriental Medicine from the International Institute of Chinese Medicine in Santa Fe, NM where I received a strong foundation in Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2003. Prior to this training, I studied three years of Chinese and Japanese body therapies and earned a degree in Shiatsu massage from the Meridian Shiatsu Institute in Wayne, PA in 1998. Through these past 20 years I continue to expand on my knowledge and expertise while doing continuing study in acupuncture, body-mind connection techniques such as, NET®, Access Consciousness®, PSYCH-K® and Human Design.



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