Miriam Rooney

Miriam Rooney

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I am a Transformational Life Coach working almost exclusively with High Functioning Business leaders and Sportspersons on their career and/or personal development.
With many successful years delivering in Executive Search/Headhunting I gained a great understanding of the drivers and challenges faced on a daily basis.
With the support of clients I had placed in various senior roles I began my Life Coaching journey six years ago and have qualified in traditional coaching, NLP, Positive Psychology, Hypnotherapy, Emotional Intelligence along with a host of other modalities but my PSYCH-K sessions have been getting the best results in the fastest time.
Stress is the most common issue and living in stress mode for any length of time creates a breeding ground for detachment, anger and illness and the serious impact these have on family, colleagues and life in general are far reaching.
I work with my clients to ease this stress, remove anxiety, identify long held toxic beliefs and replace them with self empowering beliefs so their truest potential can be reached.
'Your potential is limitless - so be limitless!'

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Master Facilitation Workshop