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Our body's nervous system is wired to scan for cues of safety and danger. The problem is, it can get stuck in protection mode or even shut-down from trauma and ongoing stress.

“Trauma is a chronic disruption of connectedness” – Dr. Stephen Porges

Hi and welcome. I’ve been a PSYCH-K® facilitator since 2010, working with women and men who realize there must be a better way, and are ready to change. I myself built a very successful 6-figure sales career, yet I struggled with ongoing PTSD, anxiety and a deep sense of unworthiness. It ran my decisions, my emotions and my relationships - and the outcomes weren't very good. PSYCH-K® was one of the tools that helped tremendously.

The other tool I love is Dr. Stephen Porges’ Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP), for which I’m also a certified provider. The SSP is a 5-hour music-listening series, clinically demonstrated to retune and re-regulate the (subconscious) autonomic nervous system. Using the SSP before addressing belief change is especially effective because the nervous system is far more receptive and open.

If you’re easily triggered into fight/flight (stressed, agitated, angry) or freeze (depression, isolation, shame) your nervous system - along with your beliefs - may be calling out for a more flexible and healing way of being in the world.

It may take a number of conversations with different providers to find the best facilitator for you. I’m always open to a call and can be reached at 858-925-4838 via text or phone.






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