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Mika Lenee

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First off, hello and welcome to my little bio!

My name is Mika, I’m 40 years old, and I help people get unstuck and transform their lives!

I am a subconscious change coach, NYU grad, intuitive healer, Holy Fire Reiki III practitioner, and certified in Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy and Applied Polyvagal Theory via the Embody Lab. PSYCH-K® has been the most powerful and awe-inspiring thing that I have ever found - and I promise you, I had tried EVERYTHING.

After healing from my own mental and physical health struggles, I’ve been using neural retraining, somatic therapy, energy healing and Polyvagal work to help people heal from chronic illnesses for the past 10 years. I began exploring PSYCH-K® because - while my previous work seemed quite miraculous at alleviating even very complex physical ailments - there was a missing piece for some of my clients as well as myself. Trauma, limiting or outdated beliefs, and unwanted patterns were showing up in various aspects of our lives, both consciously and unconsciously. This kept us stuck, undermining our best efforts to live the lives that deep down we knew we we were meant to be living.

I have found so much joy and efficacy in PSYCH-K® for myself, my loved ones, and my clients. My favorite topics are working with attachment, chronic health issues, achievement, creative endeavors, animals, and trauma release.

My goal is to help identify a path toward healing and living your fullest and brightest life, using the PSYCH-K® processes to create changes in any beliefs that might be holding you back.

When looking for a PSYCH-K® facilitator to work with, I recommend getting quiet and choosing who you feel intuitively or energetically matched with. Life is short, and change can be so much easier than we've been lead to believe. I encourage you to take this step for yourself. You are courageous, loved, and have so much to offer this world. It's time for every cell of your brain and body to believe it!

If you're interested in working together, send me an email and we can set up our first session!




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