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How great can your life be?

That is what we are all striving for, the best version of ourselves. It is a process, a practice, an unfolding. The next up-leveling starts with a single step. My passion is to facilitate others in expanding, healing, and growing as simply as possible. I believe that our purpose is to live joyfully. What do you want? PSYCH-K® can help you get there!

After spending thirty years developing and operating a successful business, I returned to school to pursue my passion, Psychology. I obtained my degree and invested over 300 hours in coaching training, and healing modalities. Finally, I found my calling- PSYCH-K®! I am continually in awe of the profound shifts I witness facilitating this simple yet powerful modality.
This transformative method offers what I have always wanted in my practice, RESULTS! PSYCH-K® is not about revisiting the wounds of the past; it is about enabling the manifestation of your dreams and goals by rewriting the programs in your subconscious mind. Balancing both hemispheres of your brain to a concept allows your mind to “believe” the concept as truth. This is a great way to finally move past the blocks that have been tripping you up for years. Get your subconscious mind working with you!
With the subconscious mind being over ONE MILLION times faster processor of information than your conscious mind, it is easy to see that we all would benefit by using a system like PSYCH-K® to “change our mind”!
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