Maryann Piazza

Maryann Piazza

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Please join me in life changing journey.

As a psychotherapist trained in traditional talk therapy, I have found that my clients hit a wall and could not progress. The subconscious mind held the key, but talk therapy could not unlock the pattern of behavior. I began a study of many different approaches. I found that PSYCH-K® was effective, efficient and supported the changes people wanted in their life. After 10 years of this revolutionary practice, I am still in awe of witnessing amazing transformations in people’s lives. As a facilitator of PSYCH-K®, I partner with my client to unlock their subconscious patterns to benefit their life.
The client begins to understand how the subconscious mind creates the rule sets of their life and can learn how to reprogram their subconscious mind to enhance their life.

I am committed to supporting individuals to transform and awaken to their highest potential.





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Online, Phone

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Advanced Workshop, Master Facilitation Workshop, Health and Wellbeing Program