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The day my doctor said, “You will die if you don’t stop” was the day I realized I had to find a way to change my life permanently.

After years and years of high stress and pushing myself too much as a key leader who created a culture that grew a $12 million-dollar company into a Fortune 500 $2.3 billion-dollar global corporation, I suffered multiple autoimmune illnesses which were breaking down my ability to function.

It took years of self-study, trial, and error until I was able to heal myself, transforming my life. I learned to quiet my mind, listen to my body, love myself unconditionally, and found true happiness. Now my mission is to help others like you heal your stress issues, find your purpose and transform your life into one you love.

I am a certified Energy coach, certified PSYCH-K® Facilitator, and am certified in TLT (Timeline Therapy), NLP (Neural Linguistic Programming), Hypnosis, and Theta Healing.

If you are ready to find peace, purpose and prosperity in all aspects of your life?

I will help you personally shift stress or struggle into calm confidence and turn your unique passions, gifts, and dreams into a life you LOVE living, and where you lead a more balanced, meaningful, and purposeful life. See testimonials at:



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PSYCH-K® Online - Level 2

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