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Margarita Morro

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PSYCH-K® Facilitator in Santa Cruz de La Sierra, La Paz – Bolivia and virtually.

My name is Margarita Morro, a native of Palma de Mallorca (Spain) living in Bolivia, since 2022.

In 1999 I started my business in the education sector. I developed a taste for business and became passionate about children’s behaviour and the reasoning behind them, whether it was the influence of parents, culture, society, social status, etc. More than 20 years later I have experienced real success in business both in education and in the world of catering.

In the early years I struggled tremendously with my personal life, unable to understand why I had the life I had, asking myself things like:

Was I what my parents told me I was? Did I become what they wanted me to be? Could it change the way I felt about life? Was there a formula for a more complete and fulfilled life? Do I have to suffer or work day and night to have a fulfilled life or a successful business? Why having children so complicated? Was the post-natal depression due to hormonal imbalance or simply programming playing the same program over and over again?…

I had endless unanswered questions, although I refused to believe that life had to be so difficult and complicated. I just couldn’t understand or justify where I was in life back then.

In 2008 I embarked on a journey of self-discovery to find answers to ALL my questions. During my trip I discovered very interesting and useful techniques that supported me in my own personal development and, at the same time, I could clearly see that the more I benefited personally, the more it impacted my business. This only encouraged me to continue my journey of discovery, until I encountered PSYCH-K® & PER-K® while researching Bruce Lipton’s theories about subconscious programming in the first 7 years of life.

PER-K® encouraged me to further develop my passion for business while supporting and guiding others through their journeys.

I am fascinated by the world of PSYCH-K® & PERK-K®, especially I enjoy seeing how people change, their family and also the work environment. Is fascinating to see how everything is connected.

Charity Work In Palmasola (prison) Santa Cruz de La Sierra-Bolivia during 2022

My contribution to the Bolivian society, South America, where I currently live.

I have worked with women and men deprived of their freedom in the Santa Cruz Palmasola Rehabilitation Center (Penal or Palmasola prison), with PSYCH-K. I also started a social reintegration project using PERK-K techniques, helping a group of women and men preparing them for their released. I did this work with the support of the Bolivian police Major María Lourdes Araníbar.

I also shared my knowledge in PSYCH-K® with INTERPOL public servants, through Colonel Eduardo Tineo Zeballos; and, with the Special Force to Combat Violence (FELCV) of the Bolivian Police in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. I currently voluntarily give a part of my time to do therapies with women who have been victims of gender violence and who are cared for by INTERPOL and the FELCV; as well as with policewomen and men who go through traumas as a result of attending cases of violence. They can contact me directly and I will assist them immediately and at no cost to them.

I now spend most of my time supporting people on their life journey to something I call "Spread your Wings and Fly" with

"PSYCH-K®" & “PER-K®” in Santa Cruz de La Sierra and La Paz- Bolivia where I currently live although most of my customers around the world use the on line sessions.

I look forward to meeting you soon.
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