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Mandy Reid

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I have been following my passion for natural health and well being for many years. Even during a 25 years career in the corporate environment I was referred to affectionately as 'the company witch doctor'. For the last 15 years I've been training in various modalities in preparation for opening my own wellness centre with a focus on the nature of health for both mind and body.

The Wellness Hub opened in October 2019 in Belfast's Bloomfield Avenue. I am a trained Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Practitioner & Coach and a Havening Facilitator, however my first love and the modality which I have a true passion for is PSYCH-K.

I have completed PSYCH-K Basic and Advanced workshops plus the Health and Wellbeing and most recently become a PERK Business Catalyst.

PSYCH-K is so simple and effective and has helped me personally to bring about many meaningful changes in my own life. I have also had great success working with my dogs and horses for both behaviour and wellbeing.

PSYCH-K is a joy to facilitate and my clients love the process and the results.





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Health and Wellbeing Program

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