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Prior to PSYCH-K, I lived in guilt and regret. During a contentious divorce, I handed my children over to their father to stop the fighting. I also did it in a fit of anger - and realized I made the decision in a moment of insanity. What else could it have been? I thought then it was the best solution. I didn’t want them to lose their father and I was always going to be around. Except I wasn’t. They lived with him and not with me even though I rearranged my life to be only a few blocks away.

Surreptitious phone calls in the middle of the night from my 7 (?) year old son to tell me his bad dreams broke my heart. But of course I couldn’t fall apart during the call. And then he’d hung up afraid that his father would catch him calling me. I cried myself to sleep most nights. Recorded bedtime stories in cassettes were no substitute for a live Mother next to you.

Imagine living in that guilt for decades. I lost my smile. Developed a sarcastic cynical persona. Didn’t think I deserved to live. I got really sick. Almost died many times over. I was OK dying. Yet each time, I miraculously recovered.

Whatever the Universe was telling me, I was too mired in guilt to hear.

I recovered my health enough to have a life. Studied Feng Shui, Homeopathy, 9 Star Ki anything and everything that I thought might be useful to share with my children to help them cope with life. Got into meditation, too. That practice brought Quiet. But the easy smile and resounding laughter were muted still.

Years later, my son and his wife were expecting their first child. He asked me if I could help. Of course I said yes. I could make amends! And be part of his life again.

It wasn’t easy. Not when you’re living in guilt.

Then PSYCH-K happened.

During the Advanced Integration Workshop, I volunteered for the Core Belief Balance Demo. As I started to say “I forgive myself and others for all the wrongs done to me .…” my voice cracked. The ocean of tears I held inside for eternity freely flowed.

I was a wreck! And free. Alive again.

After that workshop, my relationship with my son shifted. No more walking on egg shells. More willing to meet his world, open to what arises.

That’s how quickly a shift can occur with PSYCH-K.

I would love to hold the space for you so you, too, can be free to have the life you want.

Are you ready?


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