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Linda Rawlings

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PSYCH-K® is a succinct, simple and empowering modality that works to align the conscious and sub-conscious minds in order to live life more fully.

I am honoured to use PSYCH-K® in my private practice to facilitate the transformation of limiting beliefs, perceptions, fears and stresses associated with key life events, in particular Birth and Death – for people who are preparing for these experiences as well as their loved ones and care-givers. My journey of inquiry with Birth and Death has led me to use and train in numerous spiritual and healing practices - none more fascinating and powerful than PSYCH-K®.

The modality is also used effectively to address addictions, age old habits, regrets and grief that limit our capacity to experience deep joy and connection with the mystery of life.

I applaud the simplicity of PSYCH-K® and how the sessions work to allow people to reveal and integrate their own authenticity, power and truth. This process occurs through communication with the partner's sub-conscious mind using muscle-testing, and then balancing blockages that prohibit change. In effect, PSYCH-K® builds self-responsibility and the agency to identify, endorse and experience new dynamics and possibilities in every life context.

Generally sessions are for 1 hour – the 1st up to 30mins longer. Sessions are as effective whether held in-person, on Zoom or over the phone.

I invite you to contact me for a PSYCH-K® session …

• …if you wish to embrace more freedom, purpose and vitality in your life
• …if you repeat old patterns, feel stuck, or are confused about any aspect of your life
• ..if you carry the heartache of loss and are ready to transform your grief and open to new meaning and purpose in your life
• …if you, or a loved one, is preparing for Birth or Death, and you wish to bring more awareness, confidence and peace to the journey
• …if you wish to refine your spiritual practice to actively contribute to the evolution of human consciousness and culture.

A little about me:
My journey to empower people to live life fully began in ’93 with my support of pregnant women and their partners as a Birth Coach/Doula and the designer/facilitator of Creative Birth Workshops. This work was inspired by a double major in Women’s Studies and Human Communications during which I inquired deeply into all aspects of childbirth except the bio-medical. My work to promote and honour different perspectives on childbirth, including ‘The Energy Dynamics of Birth’, has been expressed variously over the years through conference presentations, independent film-making, journal writings, living & working in the Ngaanyatjarra Lands in support of Aboriginal birth rights, and as the Executive Manager of Community Midwifery WA Inc., an NGO that provided a government funded, community led home birth program. I am a Breath Integration facilitator, a Living Enlightenment educator, a Reike1&2 practitioner, and, whenever and wherever possible, I weave the power of ritual into my life and my work with others.

In 2010, my lens moved from Birth to Death after recognising potent similarities in the practical, spiritual, political and social dynamics associated with both transitions. I now focus my research, wisdom and intuition to assist others to glance what needs to be released and balanced in order to prepare well for a Good Death - and to live life fully until they get there! I regularly run ‘Embracing Grief and Death as a part of Life’ workshops and ‘Death Becomes Us’ retreats to guide a deep reflection on life, death and grief in order to increase understanding, healing, presence and connection.

I am a trained Death Doula, and currently the General Manager of the Grief Centre of Western Australia.










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Online, Phone, In-person

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Master Facilitation Workshop

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