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Lindsay Pretorius

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Hello and welcome to my profile. I am a Transformational Life Coach, Energy Therapist and PSYCH-K Facilitator. I am passionate about guiding and supporting my clients on profound journeys of change.

I believe that we are all capable of living our best and most fulfilling lives but sometimes we may just need help shifting old beliefs, outdated behaviours and old programming that blocks the creation of a life we desire.

It has been proven that 95% of our day we operate from our subconscious mind which means that any beliefs or programmes that are untrue or unhelpful can influence how we respond to our world. PSYCH-K is a fast and efficient system to support the update of these beliefs so that they support you in achieving the life you desire.



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Online, In-person

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Health and Wellbeing Program, PSYCH-K® Pro

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