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Spirit certainly had a sense of humor when it handed out different life paths to choose from. From accountant to standup comic, to a writer/editor for a Catholic priest and a Psychic Medium, to a holistic talk show host, I’ve experienced so much that has led me here.

What did I learn from those experiences?

Accounting taught me about structure, how to research, and how to uncover the detail, the deeper level and analyze the bigger picture.

From training in standup comedy, I learned to face my fears, speak my truth, connect with others and be ready for anything.

Writing and editing taught me about finding just the right words and crafting them into something compelling, meaningful and honest.

Talk radio gave me the opportunity to showcase many guests on (interviews about healing, self-help and empowerment). I was so fortunate to have interviewed mind/body influencers like Deepak Chopra, Bruce Lipton, Andrew Weil, Dean Ornish and many others. From those encounters, I learned to be totally present, deeply listen and be intuitively guided to my next question.

How I Learned about PSYCH-K®.

Spirit first tapped me on the shoulder back in 2001 to introduce me to PSYCH-K®. I attended a basic workshop in Nashville, TN, and found that it worked small miracles for myself and others. I was amazed at the results. I used it to work on myself and my friends but did not have the awareness then that it was meant to be my life’s work.

Now years later, my intuition hit me again (this time with a 2 by 4), guiding me to complete training as a Certified Consulting Hypnotist, and later to complete the PSYCH-K® certifications to become an even more powerful facilitator. Where hypnosis was effective, it took time and (sometimes) required multiple visits. PSYCH-K® has been described as experiencing high speed mindset change.

Of all the therapies I’ve learned about, both from experiencing them personally and from interviewing practitioners, healers, and guests on the radio, this was the one that stuck for me. This was the one that allowed me to open my heart and experience the joy I had been seeking. This was the one that I want to do for the rest of my life.

I use PSYCH-K® in my daily life, for things as simple as growing my fingernails and stopping negative self-talk, to something as complex as releasing my debilitating fear of flying, and my fear of heights.

How I can help you:

I’m an experienced interviewer and deep listener who will help you uncover those underlying beliefs and layers of your life. I’m a writer, thrilled to help you craft that perfect goal statement. I’m a teacher who will help you experience whole brain integration and show you how it affects your subconscious mind as you focus and concentrate a new empowering belief.

You’ll learn about the PSYCH-K® process. It is a simple, spiritual technique with psychological benefits. It’s an Energy Psychology that Dr. Bruce Lipton discusses (in his online videos), about the science of how it works, and the changes it’s helped create in his life.

I am not a healer, but a facilitator. I get out of the way and hold that sacred space for you to commune with your own innate wisdom and Divine intelligence.

If you are ready to examine your life, explore your current situation (what’s working, what’s not, and what you want to create), ready to examine that path that would truly bring you the joy you seek, then PSYCH-K® may be for you too.

It would be my honor to guide you through your transformation. Please visit my website at to schedule a free discovery call and book your session.

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