Lauren Webster

Lauren Webster

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I’m Lauren.
I am a PSYCH-K® Facilitator that works globally and is located in Western Australia.

I have attended Master Facilitation, Health and Wellbeing Program, Advanced and Basic Workshops.

I help you focus on and create more of what you are wanting to experience.

For instance, you may wish to choose to call in more calm, peace, ease, flow, fun and harmony into daily life, work or relationships.

Some of the areas in which I love to work with my clients include:

~ 1:1 sessions with FAMILY members starting with parents / (carers) to transform stress around situations and conditions that they are wanting to transform for themselves, the family unit and individual loved ones.

I then work directly with their children or teens to transform stress and help them consciously create goals, actions and a life they enjoy.

I have successfully helped children as young as age 6 transform stress and internal resistance around the challenges of getting to school in the morning, completing school work, creating boundaries, speaking up, fears, making new friends, self belief and confidently having a go with new sports and activities.

~ I guide those committed to personal growth and development to transform limiting beliefs and fears into courage and action so they can easily DO THE WORK to live a full life of purpose, enjoyment and freedom.

~ I help singles and couples experiencing relationship or communication breakdown to open their hearts, listen deeply, clear frustration, re-connect so they can keep the romance, intimacy and friendship alive, vibrant and well.

~ I help business owners, artists, healers and creatives take their power back to receive the financial rewards they deserve for doing what brings them into joy, flow and magic.

This may include 1, 3 or even 6 sessions per annum per person balancing to get to the root of physical and mental health, spiritual or energetics related situations or conditions across life areas.

Let's connect. Feel welcome to email me.

Thank you, Lauren


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Session types:

Online, Phone, In-person

Training program:

Advanced Workshop, Master Facilitation Workshop, Health and Wellbeing Program

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