Lauren Webster

Lauren Webster

Biographical Information

I’m Lauren.
I am a PSYCH-K® Facilitator that works globally and is located in Western Australia.

I have attended Master Facilitation, Health and Wellbeing Program, Advanced and Basic Workshops.

When I’m not doing belief change facilitation which I love... I teach therapeutic groups and 1:1 sessions in mindfulness-based stress reduction, mindful movement and hatha yoga.

I help you create more of what you are wanting to experience:

~ find more peace, ease, joy and open-heartedness
~ transform & love life
~ create a new future
~ create empowering beliefs

Some of the areas in which I love to work with clients include:

~ I guide those committed to personal development to transform limiting beliefs and fears so they can live a life of freedom, peace and harmony.

~ I help entrepreneurs transform resistance around being seen so they can confidently take charge of putting themselves out there and earn BIG.

~ I guide people seeking medical diagnosis to release worry and fear of uncertainty around their condition so they comfortably trust and navigate the healthcare system and their own inner healing journey.

~ I assist busy working moms feel empowered to release guilt and enjoy claiming space for ’me time’ again.

~ I inspire recently divorced men and women to resolve debt and clear grief so they can confidently rebuild a new life of independence, meaning and purpose.

~ I help people suffering anxiety to release fears, negative thinking loops and fatigue so they can access inner wisdom, master their minds and evolve.

~ I coach business leaders to integrate and balance their life areas so they can live a balanced and healthy lifestyle well into the future.

~ I help couples experiencing communication breakdown to open their hearts, listen deeply, clear frustration, connect so they can keep the romance, intimacy and friendship alive and well.

~ I help artists, healers and creatives take their power back to receive the financial rewards they deserve for doing what brings them into joy, flow and magic.

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+61 493 087 216







English, Spanish

Session types:

Online, Phone, In-person

Training program:

Master Facilitation Workshop, Health and Wellbeing Program

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