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PSYCH-K® has been instrumental in my life changes from the first day I learned about it.

I went from being a shy, nervous person with very little self confidence in myself and absolutely no belief there was anything I could do about it, to a very successful, thriving therapist who has been running her own business for 9 years against all odds, I've written magazine articles and did a radio show talking about PSYCH-K® on BBC Northampton, as well as being contacted at the last minute with an invite to participate in a radio show on another subject. I've written a children's book, and today I believe that if I set my mind to it, I can do anything.

This was made possible with a few changes made, using PSYCH-K® to the beliefs I was holding onto at the subconscious level of my mind.

I work from home in a lovely village called Hardingstone in Northampton, UK. I see clients face to face, or using Google Meet or Zoom for online sessions, and all enquiries are welcome.

Please visit my website and use my online booking tool, email me or alternatively drop me a text via WhatsApp or SMS on +00 44 7812594834.





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Online, In-person

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Advanced Workshop, Master Facilitation Workshop, Health and Wellbeing Program, PSYCH-K® Pro

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