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Ko Hara Lan

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My name is Ko, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE witnessing change and supporting others growth through all levels of their BEING!

For over 15 years I've dedicated myself to the field of alleviating trauma and stress, eliminating limiting belief systems, and helping people expand their sense of and experience of what is POSSIBLE in their lives...

We do this by ridding ourselves of the low self-worth and lack of confidence, the addictive patterns and drama in relationships,

And perhaps the biggest challenge we ALL FACE... THE difficulty in finding purpose, meaning, and satisfaction in life.

I've trained in Sedona Method, Reiki, Yoga, Qigong, Shamanic Plant Work, and various meditative practices from a number of teachers with the main goals of healing myself of wounds and getting a deep, direct sense of who I am...

and then be able to offer my own insights and capacities in service to others to assist in their unique healing journeys as a guide, coach, or facilitator.

While I honor all modalities and methods of transformation...

I REALLY LOVE Psych-K because, in my experience both personally and with my clients and partners, it offers a rapid, direct means of creating deep transformations that affect the outcomes of our lives far beyond the individual sessions.

The other aspect I really appreciate it is that it is truly a PARTNERSHIP whereby YOU, the partner, are the expert.

My job is to facilitate that inner wisdom and healing that is inside you to do the real work!

...if you'd like to experience this for yourself, Psych-K can help.

Reach out and schedule a session, I look forward to meeting!

Also, feel free to inquire into an in-person retreat or online intensive.

Schedule Your Session HERE: https://calendly.com/koharalan/60min






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Master Facilitation Workshop

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