Kate Wright

Kate Wright

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I have been a PSYCH-K® facilitator working with clients since 2004.

I spent many years in the non-profit world in the US which included running a hospice program and then completed a graduate degree in organisational management with a strong coaching component. I am continually amazed, delighted and grateful to have found PSYCH-K® and to be able to work as a facilitator with others.

I continue to take as many PSYCH-K® workshops as I can to improve, and refine my skills.

At the end of 2021 I took a new and extensive mentoring programme with brilliant UK instructors Cazzie Dare and Sharon Locke, which again was full of invaluable wisdom both from them and from my fellow practitioners. This not only helps me but those with whom I work.

What I love and value about the muscle testing used in PSYCH-K® is that it gives you access to the subconscious and takes away the need for educated guesswork, however thoughtful. It also means the process is a partnership; your partner’s subconscious has the answers, not you. It is a way of tapping into the innate wisdom of the individual that many spiritual thinkers tell us is invaluable. I act as a guide in the process.

Also, it is the only system I have come across that openly asks permission of the partner’s subconscious to do the work and that it is safe to do so. And that is why I am such a proponent of this method.






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