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Juliet Rufford

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Not only our mental health and wellbeing but the very reality we manifest is a reflection of deep unconscious beliefs ingrained in us because of past experiences, learnt behaviours and cultural conditioning. For better or for worse, these hidden beliefs play out in our relationships with self and others, in our material circumstances, and in our levels of happiness and success. They drive our behaviours and determine what we receive back from the universe.

I care deeply about helping people to transcend negative patterns of fear, anxiety, guilt, grief, criticism, self-sabotage, unworthiness etc. so as to free themselves in the present and realise their beautiful true nature and unique potential. I find PSYCH-K to be the quickest, easiest and most effective tool for modifying negative or limiting beliefs and I use my extensive PSYCH-K training and practice to work with others in the spirit of sincere mutual respect, integrity, wisdom and love.

If you are serious about taking a big step up on your emotional, psychological and/or spiritual journey, I would very much like to support you through this process.

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