Lisa Juliano

Lisa Juliano

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We will work together to identify obstacles to your physical, emotional, mental, and/or financial well-being, and use Psych-K balances to shift the energy. We will come up with action items that support you in living a life more aligned to the Truth of who you really are. Once aligned to this Truth, we naturally share our radiance with the world.
Supporting people in fully stepping in to the authenticity of who they are is a passion of mine. PSYCH-K has been a wonderful tool for empowering me to shift patterns that held me back from living a joyful life and I love to share this process with others. As we do this individually and collectively, I believe we are creating a better world for all.



+1 575 644 2977


United States



New Mexico


Las Cruces



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In-person, Phone, Online

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Master Facilitation Workshop

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