Julia Bouska

Julia Bouska

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I have always had an insatiable passion for learning about the mind and body. This love of learning led me into my career as a Doctor of Clinical Psychology, and I now have eighteen years experience of supporting people to overcome a range of mental health problems. My joy for helping others to facilitate their own personal growth, my enthusiasm for learning about how our body and mind work, as well as my motivation for furthering my own evolution, remains as strong as ever.

As a Clinical Psychologist we are taught much about when things go ‘wrong’ with the mind, and how to work towards resuming a state of health and wellbeing. There are many effective methods in psychology, but none I have come across are as powerful and transformative as PSYCH-K®.

Several years ago I had my own significant health challenge, which conventional medicine could not fix. I took a dive so deep into the world of alternative medicine and wellbeing practices, nutrition, spirituality, functional medicine, energy medicine and methods of healing trauma. I was absolutely blown away to learn that there is so much more to healing than I was ever led to believe.

We have an immense capacity to heal our emotional and physical wounds, far beyond what is touted in conventional wisdom. I now truly believe that wellbeing is indeed our natural state, when we strip away our fear and appropriately nourish our body. Although my psychology training provided a solid foundation, the real learning, my greatest knowledge and deepest knowing, has come from my experience of witnessing myself and others heal from the seemingly ‘unfixable’. I learned that we have a powerful influence over how our bodies and minds operate. I believe that we are creators of our lives, rather than victims of biology or circumstances.

This personal and professional journey eventually led me to PSYCH-K®, and I fell in love with this simple yet powerful method to support inner transformation. Rather than trying to fix the outer circumstances of our life, the secret to our happiness and joy can be found within us. PSYCH-K® is a tool to facilitate this inner transformation.

I have completed all of the PSYCH-K® training courses, including the Basic, Advanced and Master Facilitator PSYCH-K® workshops, as well as the PSYCH-K® Health and wellbeing program. I also hold a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a Master’s degree in Developmental Psychopathology and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology.

I immensely enjoy facilitating PSYCH-K® sessions, and I am excited and energised to share everything that I have learned with you.




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Advanced Workshop, Master Facilitation Workshop, Health and Wellbeing Program