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Hi! My name is Jody Levy, and I am a PSYCH-K® facilitator as well as an advanced energy medicine practitioner (EEM-AP), holistic counselor (LMSW-CC) and coach. I am certified in a range of mind-body modalities including, Eden Energy Medicine, Reiki, PSYCH-K®, Laughter Yoga, HeartMath Coherence and EFT.
I welcome clients of all ages with a compassionate open heart and am dedicated to supporting each person on their journey to emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. I am passionate about helping others improve their health and well-being by tapping into their body’s natural ability to heal.
I have found that many of our emotional and physical symptoms are the body’s way of telling us that something is out of balance. My specialty is supporting each client in identifying and addressing their subconscious, limiting beliefs as well as restoring balance within their energy body that may be linked to their symptoms and conditions.
Each session is personalized, to support the person’s current needs, using PSYCH-K®, Energy Medicine, and/or other appropriate mind-body practices.

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