Jenny Hammond

Jenny Hammond

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I have been a social worker and clinical psychologist and have spent the last 27 years in private practice. Discovering PSYCH-K® was a spiritual awakening and emergence for me. This has given me the ability to focus on the nature of change, the nature of beliefs and the effect our beliefs have on our lives.

What I love about PSYCH-K® is that it accesses the innate wisdom, knowledge, strength, and divinity in all of us. When I experienced the swift, miraculous physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual changes taking place within myself, I transitioned my practice almost overnight. I wanted all my clients to experience rapid, positive changes in the same way that I had. PSYCH-K® offers irreversible positive effects! It has given me the confidence to help clients, immediately, in a way that traditional therapy has not.

It is an easy, gentle, effective, and rapid way to change beliefs, and perceptions, which changes one’s reality. By perceiving our past differently, we are freed from it.

I have discovered that most of the answers lie within energy, beliefs, and the subconscious. PSYCH-K® is different from traditional therapy in that it does not require us to revisit and relive past traumas. Insight and conscious knowing are not usually necessary to change beliefs, the situation, dysfunctional behaviours or aid our emotional healing. The real healing seems to come from working with our subconscious mind, in a whole-brained state, to increase our connection to ourselves, our inner world, and our spirituality. All the answers we seek, are already within each of us.








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Advanced Workshop, Master Facilitation Workshop, Health and Wellbeing Program, PSYCH-K® Pro