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“Every habit of action is run by a habit of thought.”

Jarett is the CEO and Founder of Inner Compass: Prosperity Mindset Coaching and Rapid Transformational Therapy (InnerCompass.ca). He works with people who are on a mission to be their true authentic selves and helps them break free of everything that’s holding them back in their personal life, career or business.

With PSYCH-K as a key pillar of his practice, he helps his clients heal past trauma, work through issues, and transform their mindset, beliefs and habits from the inside out so they can live the life of freedom, fulfilment, wealth, and success they desire.


Jarett is a PSYCH-K Facilitator, Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT), Registered Therapeutic Counsellor (RTC), Counselling Hypnotherapist (CH), and certified Proctor& Gallagher Consultant for prosperity mindset coaching. He combines 19 years of management leadership, personal development coaching, post-secondary level teaching and speaking, with counselling, hypnotherapy, and belief change therapies to help people transform their lives.


Jarett became a huge believer in PSYCH-K when he used it to resolve many of his Crohn’s Disease symptoms. After over two decades of pain and symptom management, PSYCH-K, along with hypnotherapy, helped him discover that his illness was caused by past trauma and limiting beliefs fixed in his subconscious mind. With PSYCH-K, he was able to release the old trauma, upgrade his beliefs, and go into complete remission. He then went on to use PSYCH-K to overcome all of his success, abundance, and prosperity blocks, empowering him to be more successful in business as a coach, consultant, and entrepreneur. These experiences were incredibly transformational and liberating, motivating Jarett to complete his Master and Advanced PSYCH-K training so he could incorporate it into his practice and help others.


"Jarett was a huge help in getting me to SNAP OUT OF AUTO PILOT mode, and helped me get the life I deserved. He helped me achieve massive breakthroughs in both my work and life. His strategies and approach for helping my mind set was an amazing experience. The tools and techniques that Jarett has taught me have had long lasting effects and has allowed me to achieve GOAL after GOAL . Highly recommend Jarett... you will see results after your first session. "
-Deborah Gillam (Employment Coach)

"I had some issues that were causing me a lot of anxiety for years. I tried several different options to resolve these issues and none of them seemed to help very much. In my session with Jarett, he helped me to identify the root causes (limiting beliefs) that created this anxiety. His techniques were not only incredibly effective, but amazingly quick. I felt like a brand new person. And he's a super nice guy!"
- Malcolm Krebs (Business Consultant/Entrepreneur)


Jarett’s PSYCH-K sessions can be done in-person or online worldwide using Zoom/Skype. He can help you:

- Create a Money, Abundance & Prosperity Mindset
- Create a Freedom & Success Mindset
- Improve Leadership Ability
- Stop Feeling Small and Incapable to Become Infinitely Capable and Confident
- Uncover Your Life Purpose and Reconnect with Your Passions
- Improve Career Performance
- Remove Blocks to Achieving Greater Success In Life, Relationships, and Career or Business
- Improve and Increase Self Love, Self-Confidence, Self-Worth, Self-Esteem & Self-Acceptance
- Overcome Fears of Rejection, Judgment, & Criticism
- Improve Ability To Connect With People & Have Strong Relationships
- Improve Ability to Communicate & Listen Effectively
- Replace Limiting Beliefs, Values, & Attitudes with Empowering ones
- Create a more Positive Mindset & Lifestyle
- Change Self-Destructive Thoughts & Habits to Empowering Ones
- Resolve or Improve Management of Stress, Anxiety, Doubts, Worries, & Fears
- Be in a More Relaxed State and Having a Greater Sense of Inner Calm, Inner Peace, & Happiness
- Better Management of Pain and Chronic Health Issues

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Master Facilitation Workshop

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