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Impermanence is a fact of life. Everything that we experience is changing and evolving at the rate of which we are ready to allow. If you are ready and looking to accelerate your evolution, and access the potential that aligns you with your highest good, PSYCH-K® is the ultimate vehicle for the change you are seeking. No-matter-what you feel has been holding you back from living your best life, PSYCH-K® offers the tools to transform your perception around whatever the situation is. Perception is everything, and when we are able to transform the way we see the world around us, the clarity, freedom and transformation that can be discovered is nothing short of miraculous.
Hi, my name is Jamie Rusnak. I have been practicing and facilitating PSYCH-K® since 2017. PSYCH-K has liberated me to change my life, and I am deeply honored for the opportunity to facilitate others in doing the same. I always knew that I wanted to apply myself in a manner that offers relief to others in a meaningful way. I began by acquiring my undergraduate degree studying Psychology at Stony Brook University in 2001. Since then, I went back to school to pursue a career in nursing, worked as a massage therapist serving individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and began working as a Reiki practitioner. I recognize all of my endeavors as essential pieces to where I am today, but it was not until I was introduced to PSYCH-K® that I discovered my true calling. I first experienced PSYCH-K® in a profoundly personal way. I went from settling for a life that circumstance provided me, to being a Pillar of Abundance, living an Extraordinary Life! PSYCH-K® lent me the tools I needed then to transform my trauma-induced victim mentality to a state of peaceful and joyous freedom.
The empowerment that ensues when subconscious belief patterns are rewritten with PSYCH-K® is stunning, and every session I facilitate renews me in the process. I am truly blessed to have found this work, and feel honored to have been gifted the tools to facilitate such deep, meaningful and lasting change for others. My office is located in Milford, I facilitate phone and distance sessions through most platforms, as well. If my bio resonates with you, please visit my website @prismvalleyhealing.com and schedule a consultation. Thank you in advance for the honor of working with you. I look forward to witnessing your discovery of the true wisdom that lies within.






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Online, In-person, Phone

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Master Facilitation Workshop, PSYCH-K® Pro

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