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In the first year after PSYCH-K® became part of my journey, it's as if I took the previous 10 years of personal growth - obtained through a few hundred books, videos and online classes - and compressed them all into the personal growth I experienced that year. And now, a few years later, my life is unrecognizable, in the BEST ways. I even went through a huge life change and healing that included a laparotomy with such peace and knowing.

Hi, my name is Roanne and I love PSYCH-K®. I am also a Certified Lifestyle Prescriptions Health Coach.

And while I've personally gained so much from PSYCH-K®, some the best feels have come from the feedback I get when I facilitate with others. Feedback like pain being eased, being able to work through tough emotions, and an overall increase in peace and joy despite being in the same situations.

PSYCH-K® is simple. PSYCH-K® helps you connect with your true inner self. Amy Poehler said in her book, "If you can surf your life rather than plant your feet, you will be happier." I am still a planner, I like to have things organized, yet, me being at peace with surfing life as it comes, sums up best what I have gained from PSYCH-K®. Isn't that what we all want anyway, to just be happy and at peace?

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