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Natalie Gozdanker

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I am a scientist specializing in immunology and hematology, a holistic nutritionist, and a bio-energetic health care practitioner. The beginning of my professional career was focused on helping clients to optimize their health and wellbeing by addressing the biochemistry of the body through diet and lifestyle modifications.
However, as I was practicing nutritional therapy in a psychological clinic setting, I came to a realization: although nutrition and lifestyle are at the core for optimum health and wellbeing, they are not the only tools required for long lasting change. They are only half of the story for creating sustainable results. The other half of the story lies in restoring a person’s energy for successful cellular communication and information transfer, in addition to updating the software of the mind. This is crucial for the body to function optimally.
This realization brought me to the field of bioenergetics and PSYCH-K® and opened a whole new perspective on the way I now help clients achieve their health goals.
My mission is to facilitate positive, sustainable changes in the client’s health by restoring their own body’s self-regulating mechanisms. They often get compromised by increased stress, inflammation and outdated limiting beliefs, which block the correct flow of energy and information necessary for the body to run smoothly.
I currently support clients through 1-1 sessions in person, online or by phone.
Sessions can be offered in English, Russian or Hebrew.





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Boca Raton


English, Russian, Hebrew

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In-person, Online, Phone

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Master Facilitation Workshop

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