Hanna Sharpe

Hanna Sharpe

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I have been using PSYCH-K® since 2017 to help my clients transform stress, anxiety, social anxiety, grief, and other blocks in life, and embed into the subconscious new positive beliefs to elevate your consciousness and acheive your aims/goals in life. I am very grateful to have helped so many people so far 🙂

It's a fantastic technique to pinpoint and release blocks and self-sabotage, achieve our goals in life and create the joy we deserve, and I absolutely love seeing the results! We serve the world best when we do what makes us feel alive and on fire.

Also a Systematic & Metaphysical Kinesiologist, I moved to Glastonbury, Somerset in early 2018 after completing my trainings in London. I love self-development, energy work, hiking & healthy baking. Thanks for reading my profile, you know where to find me.






United Kingdom



Glastonbury, Somerset



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Online, In-person, Phone

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Advanced Workshop, PSYCH-K® Pro

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