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Eylem Govtepe

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Do you feel like you are destined for more? The only person that can hold you back is…well, you!

My name is Eylem Govtepe, and I’m the founder of ImYou. I am a psychotherapist, PSYCH-K facilitator, EFT & Matrix Reimprinting practitioner, Reiki Master , clinical Hypnotherapist, and mental health in the workplace instructor.

I hold teaching qualifications in mental health studies and will be continuing these learnings at university in September 2023, where I am focusing on cognitive psychology and Neuroscience.

As a retired police officer with over 14 years of service, I saw my fair share of trauma and emotional distress. The goal of ImYou is to ease suffering and invite healing before people get to a state of fight or flight.

At ImYou, I offer clients ways to physically and emotionally relax and heal so that they may evolve and transform into their best selves. My energy healing modalities are non-invasive and gentle yet highly effective at increasing positive self-image, confidence, and emotional balance within all aspects of life. Our professional reiki services in the UK and alternative energetic healing methods can get mental and physical health back on track.

My mission continues to be to serve clients as best as possible.


I look forward to working together.






United Kingdom



Essex / worldwide


English, Turkish

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Online, In-person, Phone

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Master Facilitation Workshop, PSYCH-K® Pro

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