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Gerry Hale

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I have dedicated my professional life to helping people with their mental and physical pain and ‘stuckness’. I worked in Mental Health as a Community Mental Health Nurse and latterly, I was a Registered Osteopath for 25 years. I trained in PSYCH-K® in 2008 and have continued my training and practice in this extraordinary field. I have repeated the trainings several times over the intervening years, always getting more and more out of the courses. I am passionate about finding ways to synchronise Body and Mind to create optimal health. It is clear to me that the best way to make healthy and lasting change is to address the limiting beliefs, entrenched attitudes and behaviours that we both inherit and acquire. PSYCH-K® is the ideal tool for this.

PSYCH-K® easily dissolves resistance to change and quickly removes stress and anxiety. It enables you to identify and remove blocks to growing the life that YOU want. By way of the ‘whole-brained state’, beliefs, thoughts and feelings can be transformed to enable you to live your potential.

When you work with me it is as a partnership, where I stand beside you and together we explore and resolve the blocks and conflicts that get in the way of your inner genius. My job is to create a safe space for you, to enable you to access and facilitate your inner wisdom and and healing. I help you to identify your limiting subconscious beliefs and transform them into healthy and productive action. I help you to let go of your stressful perceptions of trauma and guilt, and to replace them with powerful beliefs that support you in the pursuit of your dreams. Relationships, career, finances, performance, can all be strengthened by PSYCH-K® processes. Health challenges are very often driven by our beliefs and feelings of unworthiness and therefore can be modified through the same processes.

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I work online from home. I use Zoom or WhatsApp for sessions. I also see clients F2F in Lichfield. Please see my website for more details (





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Advanced Workshop, Master Facilitation Workshop, Health and Wellbeing Program

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