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I help women discover barriers that prevent them from reaching their business, health and happiness goals. We knock out stuck-points and build empowering beliefs, so you can confidently move forward. You'll experience lasting changes with real results.

As a PSYCH-K® facilitator, Certified Life Coach and successful Networker, we work together using a full toolbox of safe, appropriate processes enabling you to enjoy a more joyful and productive life. Effects of past trauma and current stress can be disempowered and brought into a state of peace, so they no longer control outcomes.

I’ve done just about every technique for self-growth out there — and spent zillions of hard-earned dollars, but change was slow and not lasting. Affirmations, tapping, meditating, energy work, talk therapy, books, CDs, expensive seminars, and even more expensive coaching. However, insights and will power just didn’t deal with the deep issues. Then I met Bruce Lipton at a seminar and followed his recommendation to look at PSYCH-K®.

The first time I experienced a balance, I felt my head become electrified! I could feel the shift as it happened! I wanted more! The changes I experienced were beyond my expectations and truly life changing. My friends all commented on what they saw in my being-ness.

As a commitment to continually refreshing and expanding my skills and knowledge through opportunities for growth. I participate in additional in-depth trainings all over the US, with a variety of instructors in Advanced, Master Facilitator and Health and Wellbeing programs.

I love the community; the whole field aligns perfectly with everything else in my life. I am so grateful for the deep changes in my life and the ability to help others who are searching for solutions.

Areas of expertise include entrepreneurial women, those who have experienced abuse, people who struggle to stop smoking or maintain solid sobriety, as well as aggressive or anxious dogs. Most of us have experienced low self-esteem, inability to trust, fear and many limitations that prevent us from living fully and joyfully. We can disempower the limitations and create supportive and empowering beliefs that show up with real changes in our lives.

Personal info: I recently moved to the East Coast after living for 7 years in a tiny house on wheels in Oregon. I've become an expert at living happily as a minimalist. After working in museums and non-profits, I successfully transitioned (as a single mom) to having my own home-based holistic health business. My children have now grown into amazing adults. Living close to nature enables me to hike, kayak, garden, soak up earth energy and take adventurous road trips.





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Harpers Ferry



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Advanced Workshop, Master Facilitation Workshop, Health and Wellbeing Program, PSYCH-K® Online - Level 2, PSYCH-K® Pro

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