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Emma Wright

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Having felt compelled to attend to the Basic & Master Facilitator Workshops I was blown away by the power of PSYCH-K®. I feel blessed to be able to use such an effective tool to help myself AND others change the direction of their lives.

Having been a teacher for 18 years I recognise that limiting beliefs, in the young, can hinder the development of a growth mindset. It is a privilege to facilitate PSYCH-K® with children and young people to enable them to reprogramme low self-esteem and negative thought patterns so they can become confident in life and learning.

The very nature of being alive for a child, adolescent or adult means encountering times when limiting beliefs stop us feeling safe, secure, and positive about the future. It would be an honour to work with you or your child to help facilitate powerful change for a positive future. Contact me to find out more, book a session or a free connection call.

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