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Elma Rivera

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As a qualified Life Skills & Business coach, (and first PSYCH-K Instructor in Africa) I strive to listen, support and help find balance through change, giving you time to think, talk and constructively grow yourself and your business and to execute new ideas and opportunities using the process of PSYCH-K.

My practise is outcome driven and my commitment to you, is to help you help yourself. Using PSYCH-K will assist you to create new thinking and will create positive and life affirming beliefs, bringing awareness that we are captains of our own ships and not victims of circumstance.

Take your destiny in your own hands, create it to your specifications and live the life you have always dreamed about. I have had my own businesses for 27 years whilst studying many aspects of personal development. Your business and life is a direct reflection of your sub-conscious beliefs.

I have worked with various traditions and religions and feel comfortable to be of service to anybody who would like to work with me.

It will be an honor to assist you and your business on this journey of self discovery and change.

Or better still, become a PSYCH-K Facilitator yourself. In the Basic Workshop you will learn how to do your own balances, and recreate your beliefs. As a PSYCH-K Facilitator, you will also be able to assist others on their journey of discovery and change and start your own PSYCH-K practice. It's an investment that is worth your while. Please look at the Events and book your space now. Your life is about to change in ways that you never imagined!






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