Eetane Yong

Eetane Yong

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My name is Eetane, I am passionate in helping others live a better life by reconditioning subconscious limiting beliefs. After experiencing a radical shift via the means and understanding of frequency, energy and vibration, I discovered PSYCH-K® and have come to realise that this modality plays a vital role in the journey of manifestation and growth for our evolving souls.

My field of study spans from Reiki, energy healings, quantum theories, Human Design and Gene Keys. I also work with a quantum device called Healy that optimises one's bioenergetic field through the Law of Resonance. The optimisation raises the frequency on all levels of our bodies - physically, emotionally and spiritually. Through combining all the knowledge, I seek to work with others to improve health, remove energy blockages and provide clarity in one's life direction.

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Online, Phone

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PSYCH-K® Online - Level 2