Edit Csillag

Edit Csillag

Biographical Information

Edit is a PSCHY-K Facilitator specialising in trauma and stress relief.
Detaching from:
- past hurts, memories, abuse,
- future worries of upcoming events, surgeries, moving houses/school, divorce, holidays, exams etc.
- unsupportive relationships, basic mum/dad and romantic/ family blocks
- removing the root cause of money and business related issues
- health issues

Edit has a specific system that works thoroughly on each issue to clear it from every angle, she is intuitively guided on how to peel the layers off and approach them in the best way for her clients to feel free happy and back in their power again.

Edit has incredible results, many breakthrough moments and success stories of her clients.

Edit has attended all available PSCHY-K workshops multiple times:
-PSCHY-K Basic
-PSCHY-K Advanced
-PSCHY-K Health and Wellbeing
-PSCHY-K Master facilitator

Phone: +61420524379









English, Hungarian

Session types:

Online, In-person, Phone

Training program:

Master Facilitation Workshop, Health and Wellbeing Program