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I work with physicians (as well as dentists and veterinarians) and similarly highly accomplished professionals who carry the secret burden of having been in an emotionally, psychologically, and/or physically abusive relationship. I help them regain their energy and enthusiasm for life, start new relationships without fear of being taken advantage of, and become "manipulation-proof" without sacrificing their innate kindness, empathy, and compassion.

If you are a highly educated person, yet you find yourself in a toxic, dysfunctional relationship, you may be asking yourself, "If I'm so smart, how did this happen?"

I get it. I've been there. Here's my story, in a nutshell:

On paper, my career as a doctor looked like a fairy tale: prestigious universities, dermatology residency at a top program, then being named chief resident, followed by a faculty appointment, and so on. Even my personal life -- with two lovely children and a beautiful home -- appeared enviable.

But, behind my success, I hid a terrible secret. Actually multiple secrets.

- My mother is a narcissist (with some borderline characteristics thrown in).
- My father was an alcoholic.
- My husband was a serial and unrepentant liar, who was eventually diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder.
- And first my boss, someone I looked up to as a mentor, took advantage of my hard work and good nature to essentially offload the majority of his clinical responsibilities on me, while he went on vacation every 6 weeks.

Every important relationship in my life was dominated by people who lacked empathy and exploited me. At times I felt like I was wearing a beacon, something invisible to most people, but which signaled "Abuse Me" to sociopaths and energetic vampires.

Then I found PSYCH-K®, and my entire world transformed.

A decade ago I never could have imagined the amazing life I have now. My children, now late adolescents, are thriving. I have good friends, professional fulfillment, and a gorgeous home. I'm happy -- downright joyous, in fact -- in a way I never was at any point in my life previously.

None of this change came because I sued, or fought, or put up boundaries. The change came when I changed my internal state. I dug deep and found -- then changed -- my limiting subconscious beliefs with the help of PSYCH-K®. Now sociopaths and addicts literally leave me alone.

Using PSYCH-K® along with my advanced coaching training, I help clients all over the world (via Zoom and Skype) to recover from toxic relationships and come through stronger than ever.






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