Desi Stefanova

Desi Stefanova

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PSYCH-K® is my favourite tool for elevating human consciousness to ultimate freedom and happiness. I feel so blessed that for the last 7+ years I have been facilitating PSYCH-K® sessions with people to help
* upgrade their subconscious beliefs and programs of behaviour,
* change their perceptions of stressful situations, events, circumstances,
* heal relationships with others and the world around,
* find messages of conditions and illnesses to balance the body,
* align with nature and much more...
It is such honour to witness the transformation as people become a better version of themselves and unfold their life with this profound process.
This has been my personal experience as well. I have been creating a happier, more inspired life, one Balance at a time. I wish the same for you - you can achieve it! Connect with me and we can work together, over distance just as well.





United Kingdom



Bushey, Watford, London


English, Bulgarian

Session types:

Online, In-person

Training program:

Advanced Workshop, PSYCH-K® Pro

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