Denisse Torres Osores

Denisse Torres Osores

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Hello! You can call me Amalai and I am the Founder of the Escuela Amalai, Creator of the Dance of Freedom, bridging Spirituality and Sexuality for a full embodiment experience.

I believe everyone is a divine child of earth and sky. You are meant to shine brightly, enjoy radical freedom and thrive in a magical and practical life.

PSYCH-K appeared in my life in magical ways and it's been such a life changing experience for me as it was the mean to reconnect with my greatness and freedom.

Today, I've supported many in this path of liberation and empowerment.

I am passionate in the magic we hold within ourselves so my mission is to empowered other people committed with their inner liberation.

It will be a pleasure and honor to create a sacred space for you in your inner journey.

If questions, please reach me.





Costa Rica



Guacima Abajo


English, Spanish

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Master Facilitation Workshop, Health and Wellbeing Program, PSYCH-K® Pro

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