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Danielle Thomson

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Welcome to my profile. We are all magnificent powerful beings with the potential to create truly magnificent lives. This is where PSYCH-K® can help!

My name is Danielle Thomson and I live in the UK (South Wales) and assist people from all over the world to create wonderful changes in their lives.

I first became familiar with PSYCH-K® many years ago through the Law of Attraction and Bruce Lipton. I was practising all the Law of Attraction techniques with success and manifested my dream home, relationships etc. But I wanted to take it up a level and this when I decided to invest in a PSYCH-K® session. I focused on changing my mindset with money and the results were so amazing I decided to work on other areas of my life which then resulted in me training to be a PSYCH-K® facilitator. It's certainly been an amazing journey and I love being able to facilitate positive change with others.

My background is 22 years in mental health and wellbeing working as a Mental Health Nurse, Psychological Therapist (EMDR Trauma Therapist), Law of Attraction Coach and PSYCH-K® Facilitator. PSYCH-K® has had a massive impact on my life and my life just keeps getting better and better.

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