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When I was 14, my father joined the Foreign Service and my family left Los Angeles, where I had grown up, and moved to Europe. This was a radical change in my life, to say the least. Looking back with the wisdom PSYCH-K has afforded me, I can see so many negative and limiting beliefs, downloaded in childhood, playing out in those teenage years. Primarily beliefs having to do with my worthiness and sense of not being particularly lovable.

When it came to what I was going to do in the future, my dream was to become an actor. Once again, I can see how this was an attempt by my wounded inner self, to find the love and acceptance I so longed for. The cruel irony is, of course, that we create our reality based on what we believe. I believed, at a deep subconscious level, that I was unlovable. Thus, although I was a pretty good actor, when I would go for an audition, the director or producer didn’t love me. I didn’t love me, so how could they?

The life I chose challenged me to find answers and I enrolled in any number of powerful and transformational workshops and read the literature that was available at the time regarding human actualization. Acting is also an exploration of self and our relationships with others. I took what I’d learned and began to teach. I created a unique approach to acting, which focused on accessing the full range of our emotional instrument. As most of us receive no education in our emotions, this was very healing for many of my students as well as for me as it's only really possible to teach what you know.

However, like many of us, I found that the change I and my students were seeking often eluded us. When an actor wanted to express his vulnerability, he often found it difficult if not impossible. “Big Boys Don’t Cry” is a belief many boys are taught. The same applied to actresses when it came to expressing their anger because many girls are taught that “Nice Girls Don’t Get Angry”. It became clear that these subconscious beliefs were preventing the full emotional expression that an actor needs for his craft.

If this was true, what else were our negative and limiting subconscious beliefs preventing, I wondered? My strong desire for answers led to Dr Bruce Lipton’s book, The Biology of Belief and ultimately to PSYCH-K. At last I had found a tool that delivered what I’d been seeking.

I have been a PSYCH-K® Facilitator for over 15 years and completed the Health and Wellness Program in 2013. I see clients in-person in the Greater Los Angeles area and on-line via Zoom. I was Board Certified as a Life Coach in 2009 and have my own practice, Life Guidance Consulting. I was also Board Certified as a Relationship Coach in 2020.

I can honestly say that I no longer feel that old sense of unworthiness. I know that I am loved and lovable and this is just a simple knowing inside of me that resonates in my life every day. Based on my past, this is a miraculous and long-lasting change. Over the course of the past 14 years, my clients have written testimonials to the simple miracle that is PSYCH-K as they experience profound changes in themselves and in their lives. This is truly my greatest pleasure and reward in the work I do.





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